Welcome Verdi EcoSchool Pumpkin Patch Visitors!

Click Group Photo below to enter Pumpkin Patch Portrait Gallery, or scroll down to view a video on navigating the gallery!


Looking to buy several photos from your album? Check out the package options for steep discounts on multiple item purchases! Package A features 2 each of 8×10 (different poses) and 2 each of one pose – 5×7 and one pose – 4×6 prints. Package B features All of the digital images in your family’s album, 2x 8×10 prints (different poses) and 5x 5×7 prints (different poses). There is also the option to buy prints a la carte and digital files al a carte also!

Things to Note…

  • Photo Gallery will remain open through Midnight on Monday NOVEMBER 8th 2021. Once the gallery closes, print orders can no longer be placed.
  • Digital purchases will be emailed to you after your order is placed, print orders will arrive around 2 weeks after the gallery closes. (Approx Nov 23–please note that shipping times have been seeing delays lately. Photos will be available for pickup at the school as soon as they arrive from the lab, or will be shipped to you when they arrive if you chose the shipping option.)
  • Watermarks visible in the gallery are for viewing purposes only and will not be on any purchased prints or digital images.
  • For digital images purchased–you will receive a print release with your order. Alexa DeLisle Photography cannot guarantee the quality of any prints obtained outside of my professional lab.
  • 25% of the Profits from the Pumpkin Patch Portrait orders will be donated to The Verdi EcoSchool.

Questions about ordering? Check out this short video below!

Please note that the ordering choices in the Pumpkin Patch Gallery may differ from the ones shown in the video, but the process for selecting photos and ordering them will be the same. Order due date is Monday, November 8th. Any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to send me an email! alexa@alexadelisle.com

Love your photos?!

I need your help!

If you love your child’s photos and wouldn’t mind me sharing them in brochures, on my website, and on my social media accounts, please help me out by filling out this quick model release! My potential clients rely heavily on being able to see examples of my work, and I’d love to share photos of your adorable kiddo!! Thank you in advance!