Brevard Equestrian Center Summer Show 2021

Photo Gallery is OPEN!

Brevard Equestrian Center participant in jump position on her horse during an equestrian show in 2021.

The photo gallery is open for viewing and purchases from

Friday, August 27th through Monday, September 6th.

All orders are due by Monday, September 6th.
(Gallery Link below FAQ)


Q: When will I receive my photos?
A: Orders will be shipped to you by Tuesday, September 14th, with the exact arrival date to you depending on the post office.

Q: Can I get the light poles and power poles removed from my images?
A: Yes! Please select “Photoshop Edits” from the “product” section of the order page. Photoshop edits are $10 per image, and cover simple item removal. Please specify which images you’d like edited by emailing me at For more complex edits, contact me for a custom quote.

Q: Why do some participants have more photos than others?
A: A few reasons–one, some participants were the only rider in their class and had more solo ride time, allowing for more photos to be captured. Other classes had many participants at the same time, and riders may not be in my line of sight as easily. Two, weather is also a factor, as well as the fast-paced and unpredictable nature of the events. I do my very best to capture images of each rider, but I cannot guarantee a set number of images per person.

Q: Will the watermarks still be on the images once I purchase them?
A: Nope! The watermarks will be removed from your digital and print images.

Q: Are you available for photos besides the equestrian shows?
A: Yes! I would love to. Reach out to me at and we can figure out details!

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