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Day In The Life

“There are no perfect parents, and there are no perfect children, but there are plenty of perfect moments along the way.” 

–Dave Willis

Life with kids is crazy.

They are busy and loud. Full of laughter and energy. It seems to spill out of their every pore. People love to say “Enjoy it! They’ll be grown before you know it!” But as a parent who is IN it, the days often feel overwhelming, and it can be really hard to sit back and just “Enjoy it.”

That’s where I come in.

As a professional documentary family photographer, I specialize in capturing candid moments and the little details that make your family unique. I focus on the individualities of each family member, and the way they connect and interact with each other. I make photos of your real life.

The days may feel long, but they sure do fly by.

Let’s make a record of these moments now, before they are gone. After your session, you’ll get a beautiful, professional quality, artisan photo book with your memories that you and your children can tangibly hold with your hands. In this increasingly digital age, most families don’t have as many printed photographs as they used to, but there really is something magical about being able to physically hold and enjoy family photos together. Don’t miss out on these fleeting moments. Book your session today!

Sample Galleries

Campbell Family's sample family photography session, full day in the life documentary family session.
Campbell Family Full Day In The Life Session Sample*

Harris Family's sample family photography session, half day in the life documentary family session.
Harris Family Half Day In The Life Session Sample*

*Sample Galleries have a small selection of images that the clients received from their session. Number of images delivered varies depending on length of session.

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