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Day in the life Family sessions

Q: How long are Day In The Life Sessions?

I offer Full day, Half day, and shorter 1 or 2 hour long sessions. Full day sessions start when everyone is waking up for the day, and go through the whole day until the kids are tucked back into bed. Half day sessions cover either the morning through about noon, or 3pm until bedtime. 1 or 2 hour long sessions are great for a short adventure, a quick afternoon, a birthday party or other event!

Q: My house is a wreck and we are always busy! Would a Day In The Life Session be right for our family?

Honestly, YES! My house and family are the SAME way. I promise. Your home doesn’t have to perfect, and you don’t have to spend the whole day at home, either. I travel with you if you have errands to run, kid activities to go to, or even just a trip to the beach or the pool. I do suggest that you spend some time at home so we can make those pictures, but busy and messy are absolutely fine.

Q: My kids are super energetic, I don’t know that they’ll pose for photos. How do you handle that?

Just about everything I capture is candid! Unless a family has requested a family portrait together in front of their home, or at one of the other locations we end up at throughout the day, I do not pose anyone. I make the photos by moving myself around the scene and finding the best angle to tell the story. This works awesome for kids especially! My own kids will not pose for photos, and that’s actually how my love of this style began. I gave up trying to get them to look at the camera, so I had to learn another way. The result? Natural looking photos that show real life as it was happening in that moment.

Q: From morning until bedtime?! Isn’t that a bit much?

I know, it sounds like a reaaaalllly long time! The thing is, when you do a Day In The Life Session, it feels more like I’m hanging out with you for the day, and I just so happened to bring my camera along. I don’t photograph every minute of the day, I actually spend a good bit of time talking and getting to know everyone, which helps them to feel more at ease when I do take photos! I watch for little details that make each person unique and try to pick up on little habits and interactions. That way when I pick up my camera, I’m making intentional and meaningful photos. It’s actually a lot of fun for the families!

Q: What should we wear?

The best thing about a Day In The Life Session is that you can wear whatever you’d like! I do recommend to maybe avoid shirts with words on them and also maybe avoid really bold neon colors–mainly because those will stand out to the eye in still photographs–but if you have a child who only ever wears shirts with words on them, then it would make sense for them to wear a shirt with words on your session day. Same goes for character shirts–maybe avoid if it’s possible, but if it’s very much a person’s personality to wear a particular outfit, then I say roll with it! The only other request I make is to not do matching outfits. Try to have everyone wear something that they would wear on a normal day, especially something that they feel good in when wearing.

Q: What kind of photo products do you offer, and what do most people choose to order?

Most of my clients choose to get an artisan photo book made with their favorite images from their session. The albums are absolutely beautiful, and come in a hard protective matching slip case. These books are lay flat, and made using premium, press printed, archival and acid-free paper, ensuring lasting color and long term durability.

The other option for your photos would be custom matted prints of varying sizes for your walls or shelves. You can choose anywhere from 4×6 prints, all the way up as big as you’d like! I’m also happy to help you choose a place in your home to hang any art that you order!

Let’s build something great together.

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