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How does this work? How do I order photos?

This is a unique school portrait experience! You’re actually getting a mini studio session that will come with a gallery of 3-6 different poses, in both color and black and white! Here’s what else you get:

-Natural expressions, usually several different expressions to choose from. (Note: This may vary from child to child, as some children, despite my best comedic efforts, are very uncomfortable in front of the camera. I will never force a child to have their photo taken.)
-Photos will be a combination of close ups, medium shots, and pulled back shots, with at least one standard portrait orientation photo.  (Most will be landscape orientation)
-Clean, classic, white backdrop for a timeless portrait.  No photoshopped backdrops.
-Prices that are competitive with the larger school portrait companies.  On a budget?  Snag [2] 4×6 prints or [1] 5×7 print for only $15!  Or individual digital images are just $20, and then you can print them whenever you’d like!
-This photo session is a free service for you, organized by the school.  Only pay for what you want! There is no obligation to purchase. This is a great deal if you are able to take advantage of it! Most families would easily spend $450 or more to get these same images in a private studio.

Ordering links will be sent to you via email, or check back on this web page on the date your school tells you photo galleries will be ready! There will also be a 5 minute video to help walk you through the ordering process available on the webpage. Once the gallery opens, you’ll have about a week to place your order! Then, order through the gallery page and your photos will be delivered to your child’s school for pickup about 2 weeks from the gallery closing date.

What should my child wear for photo day?

I generally advise that children wear something that they love and makes them happy, however, there are a few items I recommend avoiding! Avoid neon colors, brand logos, and text/quotes as they can be distracting to the eye in photos. Neon colors are not only super overpowering, but they also reflect light back up onto the child’s face, leaving a color cast. While I can (for a $15 fee) correct this while editing, it’s usually still visible on the final photo product. What works well? Solid colors, gentle patterns, or stripes work great!

If your child is wearing a hat, hoodie, unicorn horn, or other similar accessory, and you do not want it in their photographs, please chat with them about it the morning of photo day. I do make sure to ask students about removing these items, at least for a few of their photos, but some students are very resistant to this. In order to keep students feeling safe and comfortable for their photo, I do not force students to remove any items they don’t feel comfortable removing.

Are there any makeups for absent children?

Check with your school about scheduled makeup days. Most schools book me for 2 consecutive days, so if your child misses the first day, they are able to get their photo taken on the second day. If you know about the absence ahead of time (for the second day, for example), make sure to mention to your child’s teacher so we can be sure to get your child in on the day that they will be there! If your child is absent for both days, you would have the option to book a private session at your home, which would be $150 for the session, photo purchase would be separate. If there are a large number of children needing makeups, I may be able to book an additional session day with the school, but this isn’t guaranteed, and would be for 10+ absent children.

How much should I expect to spend?

This varies from family to family, and depends on how many children you have and what you’re looking to purchase. My most purchased package is Package B at $99 – this would be for one child. It comes with all of the high res digital images in your gallery (6-12 files, depending on how receptive your child was to being photographed), [4] 5×7 prints, and [2] 8×10 prints. There is also a 20% discount using code SIBLINGS for families purchasing multiple galleries or packages. My most inexpensive options are a la carte at $15, and there is no minimum purchase requirement. My hope is that every family could bring home at least one print of their child if they wanted to!

New this year!!! I have added the option of Afterpay for families who need to spread out their purchase over a few payments. This is not directly available through the gallery, however, I would be happy to email you a separate invoice with the Afterpay option. You can do this by sending me an email and choosing “Pay Later” during the checkout process. Please be sure to complete the invoice before the order deadline to ensure your order gets placed.

Can I combine pictures from both of my children into one package?

No, but I do offer a 20% discount code if you are purchasing packages for multiple children! Use code SIBLINGS at checkout.
Note: Orders that come in using the code on only one child will not be honored. The order will be canceled and need to be redone without the code. Thanks for understanding!

Why are the sibling photos in a separate album? Does that mean I have to purchase the individual albums as well as the sibling album?

Yes, the sibling session counts as a separate session and comes with its own set of 3-6 poses, in both color and black & white. Each photo “session” will go into its own album, as it takes up a time slot and takes up the same amount of editing time as the individual albums. However, it does fall into the discount category for multiple children, so please use code SIBLINGS to save 20%!

What are “Face Magnets” and how do I order them?

Face Magnets are my absolute favorite–they are 3″ magnets that are just of your child’s face! They are super fun, and are great for using with a photo of your child laughing or even making a silly face. These come in packs of 10, and can be in either color or black and white. These make great holiday card add-ins for extended family, or are fun party favors or handouts, too! Also, important note! The photo chosen for face magnets MUST show the child’s entire head and face. Hands cannot be blocking the face, and photo cannot be cropped at the head. Children with long hair hanging in front will result in the heads being smaller, as the magnet size is 3″.

When will I receive my order?

Digital photos are delivered within about 30 minutes! If you didn’t receive your photos, first double check that you spelled your email correctly, then check spam folders. Still don’t see them? Send me a message and I’ll look into it for you! (

Print orders will be delivered to the school around 2 weeks after the gallery closing date. This date sometimes changes due to busy holiday seasons or unexpected shipping times from the lab, but typically doesn’t take longer than 3 weeks after the gallery closes.

More Questions About Ordering?

Check out this short video below!

Please note that the ordering choices in the your school’s Photo Gallery may differ from the ones shown in the video, but the process for selecting photos and ordering them will be the same.
Any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to send me an email!

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Thank you in advance!

PS. I will only use the photos for advertising School Portrait related work. They will never be sold or otherwise distributed. No names or school names will be used in relation to the images shared. I just need to be able to share examples with schools and other parents! Thanks!!