Hey there!

Hi. Hello. I’m Alexa. I feel like I need to acknowledge the Amazon joke here–I usually do when I introduce myself. I have to tell you that a few years ago, when we started receiving Amazon packages that had “Alexa” printed on the boxes and the packaging tape, I was really impressed with how they were personalizing their shipping materials. I felt so special. And then I realized, oh right. It’s the name of their new robot. And then I just felt like an idiot. It hasn’t really gotten any better since, making customer service phone calls in my house is a nightmare. However, on the bright side, between my name and my hair, no one really ever forgets who I am, so I guess have that going for me!

Alexa photographing an equestrian event during intermittent rain
Me, attempting to somewhat stay dry through a finicky rain storm during an equestrian event.

Anyways, I’m excited to roll out this new blog. I have a ton of topics that I can’t wait to cover–tips for successful family sessions, more information about Day In The Life sessions and what to expect, life and photos with kids, messy homes, busy lives, and more!

Alexa laying on the ground, making a photo of the two boys on the swings. Photo Credit: Kaci Campbell
I often find myself in the dirt at some point when photographing kids. It’s inevitable. Photo credit: Kaci Campbell

With how busy our lives are with kids, I find it enormously important to have a photography opportunity for my clients that is easy to get done–no one has to dress up for it or go anywhere for it at any set time. And, of course as the main benefit here, it also makes a beautiful record of the way their family is right now–the happy, the chaos, the calm, the struggle, and everything in between.

And while these full day sessions are really super easy for the families, most people haven’t heard of a session like this, and they have questions!

So stick around, and the answers to the questions you have will soon be revealed!

Or if you really can’t wait and you need to know now, shoot me an email and we’ll chat!

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