Halloween Fun

Halloween was nice this year–on a Sunday, which means that my husband didn’t have to work! Most years it’s a scramble trying to get everyone ready after school, AND get photos before the trick-or-treating starts. But this year, we had the day together! Checked the fog machine just for fun–it works! It was full ofContinue reading “Halloween Fun”

What to wear on Day In The Life Family Photo Day?!

When you know you have a photoshoot coming up for your family, one of the biggest thoughts in your mind might be, “What is everyone going to wear?!” The great part about having documentary family photos done is that the clothing part is a bit more laid back than what your might want for yourContinue reading “What to wear on Day In The Life Family Photo Day?!”

School Photo Portraits Updated!

Before we had ever heard the term “Coronavirus” and before Covid-19 became the overwhelming monster that it has, I was gearing up to expand my School Portrait offerings. I purchased new lights, tweaked my remote setup, changed my backdrop. And then, the world completely shutdown, and school life changed drastically for kids, families and educators.Continue reading “School Photo Portraits Updated!”

Finding Beauty in Every Day Life

I am constantly thinking about, well..a lot of things. But two things that are always popping to the surface in my mind are light and moments–things I WISH someone was there to make a photograph of. And usually, the moments that I am desperately wishing someone was there to photograph are the more ridiculous examplesContinue reading “Finding Beauty in Every Day Life”

My kids won’t pose for photos!

Climbing, running, jumping, spinning, hanging, somersaulting. This pretty much sums up my children at any given moment…oh and go ahead and add yelling, shrieking, cackling, and roaring. They are busy. They have endless amounts of energy. They don’t have time to sit for photos. And frankly, they don’t want to sit for photos. I gaveContinue reading “My kids won’t pose for photos!”

Lifestyle Photographer. Or am I?

I used to think I was a lifestyle photographer. I was drawn to the more realistic style that lifestyle offered as opposed to having people stagnant, carefully posed, and studio crafted. When I look at examples of lifestyle photography, I see real expressions. I see laughter that sings to the viewer, happiness that just oozesContinue reading “Lifestyle Photographer. Or am I?”