Finding Beauty in Every Day Life

I am constantly thinking about, well..a lot of things. But two things that are always popping to the surface in my mind are light and moments–things I WISH someone was there to make a photograph of.

Trying on big sister’s brand new undies, looking for something to complete the outfit.

And usually, the moments that I am desperately wishing someone was there to photograph are the more ridiculous examples of parenting and life with small children. Those times when I am sitting there mumbling “what in the…” to myself, the moments where you can do nothing but laugh because it’s just so silly. Me, laying in bed trying to scroll my phone and drink tea while my youngest is acrobatic nursing. Me, just trying to use the bathroom, while my youngest is attempting to wipe my butt like I do for her. Trying to make dinner and prepare snacks so that the kids will let me actually cook for 15 minutes. Me, trying to carry in everything from the car because the kids have all dashed off inside before I could ask them for help. Any number of things–I run into these situations multiple times a day. Normal, everything things. Unfortunately, no one is ever there to take the pictures.

My girls, trying to make money by selling the fresh groceries I had just brought home for the week.

For me, it is the compilation of occurrences each day that truly show what it is to live in a home with kids. There are just so many things that make it the experience that it is. It is truly my favorite thing to photograph.

Makeshift boat in the swale out front after a big rainstorm.

Kids are endlessly creative and fairly impulsive. They can’t help but to play and explore and try new things. Their minds are constantly crafting, world building, playing out imaginary scenarios. They have agendas of their own, a to do list that feels very important to them, even when we as parents can’t quite figure out what or why they are doing whatever it is they are immersed in.

This kid and his sticks. And jumping. I can’t even tell you how many photos I have of him with his feet off of the ground. It’s a lot, though.

And passionate. When kids are excited about something, they go ALL IN. Whole heartedly. Whether it’s snacks, adventuring, writing a story, or building a pillow fort. Kids sure do have passion.

Enthusiastically enjoying chips at the Splash Pad in West Melbourne, FL.

Everyday moments are the best. They are the perfect canvas for excellent family photos.

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