School Photo Portraits Updated!

Before we had ever heard the term “Coronavirus” and before Covid-19 became the overwhelming monster that it has, I was gearing up to expand my School Portrait offerings. I purchased new lights, tweaked my remote setup, changed my backdrop. And then, the world completely shutdown, and school life changed drastically for kids, families and educators. Not to mention I was also newly homeschooling two kids and taking care of a toddler! Anyways, I wouldn’t say that life is back to “normal” now, but we are 19 months into this and most of us are figuring out ways to make things work again. Including me!

SO, I am excited to start rolling out my new school portrait offerings! I tested out my new setup this weekend, and I’m pretty in love with it.

School Portrait of a 2 year old toddler girl.
Ms. Piper was test model number 1. She was so excited she even let me do her hair!

I offer Fine Art School Portraits, which means that they are a little more high end in appearance than the typical changeable backdrop setup you more commonly see. I also strive to get natural expressions from the kids, even if sometimes that means I don’t get a smile.

7 Year old first grade girl laughing in a fine art school portrait
My middle kiddo, Zoey, cracking up at whatever my son was doing to me behind my back.

My a la carte options and package prices are competitive and are around the same price as other school portrait companies, so you’re getting excellent quality without the added price tag.

9 Year old, 4th grade boy laughing in a fine art school portrait.
My oldest, Carson. I had to tell quite a few fart jokes to get a good laugh, but I finally made it happen.

White backgrounds are new for me this season, I also traditionally offer black backgrounds. I only have one example of my new lighting setup with the back background, and it is of my youngest before I dressed her or brushed her hair. But even so, I think you get the general idea of the look and feel!

So, that’s what’s new here! Look for pop-up homeschool sessions soon, or find out more info and/or send me a request for your child’s school here!

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