Halloween Fun

Halloween was nice this year–on a Sunday, which means that my husband didn’t have to work! Most years it’s a scramble trying to get everyone ready after school, AND get photos before the trick-or-treating starts. But this year, we had the day together!

Just for fun, I pulled out the fog machine to add some ambiance to pumpkin carving. Pips very much approved!

Checked the fog machine just for fun–it works! It was full of fog fluid when I pulled it out of storage, which I think is the correct way to store it. It was nice to see that it was still functioning, unlike the dozens of bubble machines I’ve invested in over the years…

Piper’s favorite marker is of course a Sharpie marker. It’s the only markers, in fact, that she likes to use. So she was extremely happy that I let her use one to color on the pumpkins.

Pumpkin guts.

We made the kids gut their own pumpkins this year, which was glorious. 10/10 recommend. Even though they belly ached about it the whole time, they were motivated enough to see the project through. And, we got a ton of pumpkin seeds out of the 3 main pumpkins plus extra out of some of the smaller ones.

We have Sisu and Raya, Gabby from Vivo, and a Western Bandit and Sheriff

I actually purchased a tripod so I could at least be in a few of our family photos. I don’t ask the kids to pose often (almost never!), but they humor me when I set up the tripod.

Trick-or-treating! We actually managed to make it out before dark this year, so I was able to get a few photos before the light got too low. The big kids were so sweet to Pips, helping her get her candy in her pumpkin and encouraging her to say “trick-or-treat!” It was pretty adorable.

Once Piper realized that “trick-or-treat” equaled candy in her bucket, she was hooked. She even would say “Thank you! Happy Halloween!” afterwards. And then on Monday, she wanted to know when we were going out for Halloween again.

So, how was your Halloween?! All in all, it was a good year for us. Carson is getting older and I know his interest in the holiday may wane here in the next few years, so I was happy that everyone had a good time!

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