Lazy Sunday

Dad, overwhelmed with the kids chaos

Well. “Lazy Sunday” in theory. As a parent, I’m not sure there is truly such a thing as a “lazy Sunday.” But, we didn’t make any plans and instead hung around the house, doing small projects as we felt like it and just kind of spending time together enjoying the day. Kevin has been working long hours, 6 days a week for the past month and a half, so by the time we get to Sunday, none of us really want to fill the day with errands or excursions.

My son lunging in hopes of catching a frisbee he has no chance of actually catching.  But hey, he puts in a good effort.
Frisbee in the front yard.

Inevitably, we all migrate out front to play with the kids. Well, Kevin plays. I watch and take photos of the family, which is my favorite way of being a part of the action. We may be selling our home soon, so I really want to document our home and our neighborhood while we are still here.

Carson, waiting patiently for the next frisbee throw.
Waiting for the next throw

The front yard games always start off innocently enough, and then the girls get wind of something happening, and obviously they want in. Here’s where the games start to devolve into chaos.

Zoey steals the frisbee.
The sisters have joined the action, the frisbee has been stolen.

Zoey’s favorite way to play is to steal whatever object Kevin and Carson are tossing back and forth. Ball, frisbee, football. She wants it, and she wants to run with it. Piper, on the other hand, is thrilled to simply be included in the action, and just wants to be a part of the sibling gang.

Piper and Carson, waiting for Zoey to stop tackling the frisbee.
Piper, happy to be included in whatever is happening.

Soon, the action begins to get more war like, with Zoey deciding she needs a better offense to get control of the frisbee.

And then she disappears inside the house, returns wearing some “armor”, and suddenly everyone is running.

After all of that, I don’t think Zoey ever DID get her hands on the frisbee, but she sure did put in a valiant effort.

So much for "lazy Sunday".
So much for a “lazy Sunday”

Well, the Sunday may not have been exactly “lazy,” but it did make for some great family photos. These pictures fully embody what our family does on a regular basis–it’s like seeing a little piece of our history. Carson is almost 10 years old, and we are very much aware that before we know it, he’s not going to want to run and play like this anymore. So I am thankful for the moments I got to capture this weekend. And this last photo here is 100% getting matted and framed.

Interested in getting your own family lazy Sunday photos done? I’d love to help with that!

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